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Letitia (age 5)

Letitia (age 5)

Letitia, age 5, had a severe skin condition that covered her whole body and face. She had had it for most of her life, and been on and off steroid creams for the past 3 or 4 years. She would go into intensive tantrums for an hour at a time, but was also extremely bright. She was a very fussy eater, and would only eat white foods – white pasta, white rice, white bread, yoghurt and fruit, as well as a few chips, chicken nuggets, and of course sweets and other treats. Once I explained to Letitia that what she was eating was the cause of her skin rash, and that to make her skin better we needed to change what she ate, she became willing to try some other foods.
Over the next 3 weeks a transformation slowly took place, and she was 90% better when I last saw her. I happened to see Letitia’s mother 18 months later. She said, ‘The whole trajectory of Letitia’s life has changed (for the better) as a result of our work together.’ Only a few days earlier Letitia had apparently said to her mother, ‘Mum, I now eat everything that you cook for me. Have you noticed?’ She was apparently delighted with herself, for she now not only looked but felt well.


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