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Jack (age 6)

Jack (age 6)

Jack (age 6) came to see you recently. From that day we cut out the foods that did not agree with his body.  After 24 hours Jack’s energy levels raised hugely in mind and body.  He has adjusted to his new food life with great ease, and is now very aware of his own body and how it reacts and feels.
Jack has reduced all his salt intake, and his fluid retention has gone in his hands. His stomach is no longer bloated, and his clothes are loose around his waist. His bowel movements have improved greatly, and he has not been constipated or had any discomfort since the change in his diet. Jack had dark circles under his eyes which have completely gone.  His eyes are now bright, and his smile.
Overall Jack has become a brighter, relaxed, happy child and the change has been amazing. His spirits have lifted and are in great mood now.


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