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Ben aged 18 months with severe colic and insomnia

Ben aged 18 months with severe colic and insomnia ‘Ben is my 18 month old son who has suffered severely from colic-like symptoms since birth. He has not ever had a full night’s sleep. He was waking every night screaming with pain, with his legs drawn up to his chest, thrashing around in his cot and very red in the face. Ben also always had a lot of bowel movements, 3 or 4 most days, and usually within a short…


Too many Tomatoes – Susanna aged 24

Tomatoes in excess are one of the common causes of internal acidity. For the past six months Susanna seemed to have a week-long problem with her throat. It was often very sore low down, and frequently turned into a chest pain, and then seemed to just heal. She had had three lots of antibiotics for it in the last four months. The pain in her throat would usually start by feeling inflamed and raw, then her tonsils and glands would…


Jacob age 8 Months

If you are unable to breast-feed, it is so important to find a milk formula that suits your baby – and don’t give up until you do! Jacob was suffering from almost constant vomiting and diarrhoea, and every nappy change his clothes had to be changed as well. He often seemed to get hives, particularly after certain meals, and subsequently was awake and crying all night. He would then be like a demon the next day! He woke on and…