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Healing Through Visualization

Unresolved emotional problems are stored in the subconscious, and its language is in images.  This is why working with visualization is such a successful and profound method in safely getting to the core of a problem, and helping with its healing.

Aspects of the work include:-


  • Releasing negative ties between people – ex-partners, attitudes, addictions, or anything that controls you.
  • Inner Child work – we often act out childhood responses to situations, until that splinter part of us that was unable to deal with a particular childhood situation is healed.
  • Healing the Past to heal the Present – Difficult situations can be healed by understanding and healing the root cause of the problem in the past – either in this life or in previous lives.
  • Strengthening your Aura – your vital energy sheath and protection can become damaged after a severe shock, great stress, drug or alcohol abuse, or a poor diet.
  • Healing House Environments of unwanted energy.


Anna completed in-depth training courses with Phyllis Krystal on her visualization method, ‘Cutting the Ties that Bind’.  She has also been guided to develop her own visualization methods for the other aspects of healing (above).


€60 per session (1 hour)