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Holistic Weight Loss Course

   A new course to start shortly:

A  6 week course ? with a difference!

General Course information

*          Understand what you are eating

*          Find out what suits your body

*          Un-mask the realityof what you are hiding

*          Get in touch with your own Higher Consciousness for inner


*          Learn to break free from outside controls to become fully You

Week 1

-                    Yo-yo diets ? your body in famine mode

-                    Good General Nutrition & Regular Meals

?                    Carbohydrates, protein, Essential Fatty Acids, Roughage

?                    Minerals & Vitamins

?                    Good Fluids & Solids

-                     Essential balances: Sodium/Potassium & Calcium/Magnesium

-                     Cutting the Ties that Bind - a method using visualization 

-                     Keeping a food diary

-                     What happened around the time you started to put on weight?

Week 2

-                     Good and bad fats

-                     Quality control 

?         whole-foods or refined foods;

?         Junk food diets

?         chemical colourings & flavourings;

?         organic or non-organic ? toxicity from pesticides, fungicides &


-                     Discussing the food diary

-                     Noticing the emotions connected to binge eating; and finding 

   good alternatives 

-                     'The Journey' ? an inner journey using visualization

Week 3

-                     Carbohydrates ? finding the right grains for Your body

-                     The feel-good factor ? keeping your blood sugar strong &


-                     Exercise to suit you

-                     Weight gain masking unresolved emotional issues

-                     Discussing the food diary and related emotions

-                     Cutting the Ties that Bind - a method using visualization

Week 4

-                   Cravings - You crave what you are most allergic to

?          Allergies, Sensitivities & Substitutions

-                     The importance of Good Fluids

-                     Looking after your bowel flora

-                     Discussing the food diary and related emotions

-                     Cutting the Ties that Bind ? Inner Child work

Week 5

-                     Geopathic and Electromagnetic Stress

-                     Stress Management ? regular prayer, meditation, yoga, or taking

   time for You in whatever way you need 

-                     Discussing the food diary

-                     The Journey - an inner journey using visualization

-                     The Hour Glass Exercise

Week 6

-                     Personal journeys

-                     Your body is your temple

?                    what you take in via all your senses is important

?                    the vehicle for your soul's journey in this life

-                     Cutting the Ties that Bind ? a method using visualization

-                     Conclusions and the way forward

Contact:  Anna Skrine  D.Th.D    Dip A.E.T.


Anna has had over 20 years of working with complementary medicine.  She has a diploma in Dietary Therapy, and a diploma  from the British Institute for Allergy & Environmental Therapy.

She has both partaken in and given many courses in Cutting the Ties that Bind.


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