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What is Cutting the Ties that Bind?

Cutting the Ties that Bind is a very beautiful and profound method that helps you to free yourself from all outside controls and inner problems.  It puts you in touch with your own inner wisdom (your Higher Consciousness) which is always there to help and guide you.  It is this High C that we ask for all the information needed, and the healing.  This method also enables you to directly contact your sub-conscious, the seat of unresolved emotional issues.   The language of the sub-conscious is pictures and symbols, and we reach and heal these through visualization techniques.  This method enables you to cut any negative ties that bind you to anyone or anything that exerts any control over you, bringing great freedom.

Anna's experience

I have worked with this method for over 30 years, and taken part in many workshops with Phyllis Krystal, who started the method.  Anna has also just completed Phyllis Krystal's official training course in the method, given by her at the mighty age of 94!  As you can imagine, Phyllis is a crystal clear example of her work!  The work has helped me personally more than I can say.  I feel I shed a little load and become lighter (literally more full of light) each time I do the work, and I am always guided by the Hi C (Higher Consciousness) as to what I need to do next.

What happens in a Cutting the Ties that Bind session?

Usually people come with a specific issue on their mind (though this is not vital).  After a brief talk we start the work by visualizing a triangle of light, with the base line running between us on the floor, and the top of the triangle connecting us up to the Higher Consciousness (High C).  The High C is sometimes easier to visualize as a form or symbol.  This needs to be a Light form or symbol, and can range from a ball of light, an angel, Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, or any other divine form or symbol chosen by the client. 

We then visualize a circle of light around each of us, making a figure of 8, both as a protection and to ensure we don't encroach on each other. This is followed by a third circle of light, which we work with.

We then ask the High C to please show us who the client needs to work with in that session.  Usually negative ties need to be cut between the two people, and again we ask up to please show us exactly what these negative ties are (in symbolic form), and how to cut them. After the symbolic ties are cut and destroyed (in whatever way is appropriate ? often in a huge furnace), then we ask for healing to be given to each person.  This is followed by forgiveness from each to the other, and if this proves difficult it is important to ask the High C to do it for you. Cleansing and thanks usually bring the session to a close.

Does it work?

I have been working with this method for over 30 years, and find that it works most beautifully.  It is both extremely deep and very gentle work, and people are usually amazed at the subtle but profound changes it can bring.  It also puts people directly in touch with their own Higher Consciousness in a way they often haven't experienced before.

Are all ties cut between people by this work ? both good and bad?

Only negative ties are cut between people ? everything that is positive is left alone.  This allows the relationship to become much more equal and healthy, without any controlling issues. 

Is it important to be able to visualize?

Can you imagine walking into your kitchen and smelling a wonderful meal being cooked?  If you can, you have just done some visualization!  It is not important to be able to visualize, or 'see' with your inner vision.  Some people sense, hear, or simply know what it is that is being communicated to them.  I have never come across anybody who has not been able to do the work.

Do you ever work with past lives?

Yes, but I never work on past lives with a client out of curiosity alone.  However, if it comes up as necessary for healing the particular issue we are dealing with, then we ask the High C to show us all the past lives that are relevant to that issue.  Rather like pealing an onion, it is important to get right back to the source of the problem ? usually the incorrect thought that set off the whole chain of events about a particular learning, and to ask for the healing of all the lives involved.  This can bring tremendous relief, understanding and healing.  Though this is not strictly part of Phyllis Krystal's method, I have found it to be an invaluable addition.

How long does a session take?

It normally takes about one hour.

How often do I need to come?

This is entirely up to you ? it depends how much work you want to do to free yourself from all the layers of conditioning and difficult relationships you have had.  Normally one session is enough to deal with one particular issue.  Some people just come for one, or a few, sessions.  If a person really wants to do a good bit of work with this method I usually suggest they join a Cutting the Ties that Bind group so that they can do the work with the support of others also on a similar inner journey, and with costs kept to a minimum.

What is the object of the work?

The object of the work is to free youself from everything that prevents you from being in touch with and expressing your own inner wisdom, or Higher Consciousness (High C) ? that wise, divine part of you that knows everything about you, acts as your conscience and is your best and constantly available guide.  It is entirely up to you how much you are in touch with your High C, and allow It, rather than your ego, to express your life.  You have free will in this.

How does a group session work?

In a group session, everybody does the same exercise at any one time (there are many one can do), but each person works on their own issues.  Again, in the early stages of the session each person will ask up to the High C for guidance on who or what it is they need to work with that evening.  There will be one leader for the night, who will guide the group through the exercises.  At the end there is usually  sharing by those who wish to share what they have experienced, and help given to anyone that needs it.

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