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Anna trained in Dietary Therapy over 20 years ago, and has been working with nutrition ever since. She also trained with the British Institute for Allergy & Environmental Therapy to be able to fine-tune the nutritional advice, and has been Allergy Testing for 7 years.  She uses an excellent German Bio Resonance machine called a 'Rayocomp' .

Anna has also worked a lot with babies and children, with great success.

Allergy Testing & Nutrition Therapy Session

A session with Anna usually lasts for one hour, with a free phone consultation about a fortnight later, and a second session if needed. During the session you will be asked many questions by Anna so that she can build up a picture of how your body is working.  She will also ask for details of what you are eating, as well as doing the Allergy Test.

Allergy Testing Method

Bio Resonance machine - no blood tests or needle pricks - just instant results! 

Testing for what?

Anna tests for many different foods and drinks, chemicals and bowel flora problems as well as Geopathic, Electromagnetic, Emotional and Psychic Stress. She also tests for other possible causes of stress on the body, including a lack of fluids or particular minerals or vitamins.

What do Allergy Symptoms mean?

An allergy symptom (as opposed to an extreme allergic reaction) usually means that there is an inability to break down a particular food, resulting in waste by-products being stored in your body (e.g. mucus in the lungs, nose or ears; or bowel congestion). Your body will do its best to cleanse these from your system every so often, in the form of a cold, flu, skin eruptions or diarrhoea. Allergy symptoms can also result from too much of a particular food or substance being fed into your body, (e.g. excess salt via salty snacks , or excess calcium from too much cheese) resulting in an imbalance of minerals. This can cause acidity, water retention, arthritis, and even tiredness and depression.

Allergy Symptoms include:

Asthma, Hay Fever Ear, Nose, Throat or Chest problems
Skin disorders, such as Eczema, Dermatitis, dry or oily skin
Constipation or Diarrhoea, Bloating, Wind
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Colitis and other bowel disorders
Arthritis ? Osteoarthritis,
Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis
Tiredness Depression
M.E. or Chronic Fatigue
Heartburn, Digestive Ulcers
Overweight, Underweight
Cystitis, Thrush
Athletes Foot Hyperactivity ...... and many other conditions

Can anything be done about them?

Once you understand the cause of a particular problem ? what it is that you cannot break down properly, or what is causing the imbalance ? then your diet can be adjusted to suit you and re-balance your body. If you have to cut out a particular food for a while, I usually recommended a good substitution so you do not have to ?go without?.

Is this for life?

Unless you have a very serious allergy which causes anaphylactic shock (and you would usually know what this is), nothing else is usually ?for life?. Once your body is re-balanced, and any organs that were suffering great stress and congestion are free and healed, then you can usually start to have a little of what was causing you a problem. Your body will tell you exactly how much you can tolerate ? your symptoms will start to re-occur if you overdo it!

Is water so important?

Yes it is. Good fluids are one of the keys to good health. Almost everything that happens in your body happens through the medium of fluids. We are, after all, at least 70% fluids! Coffee, alcohol, milk (after babyhood) and milky tea are not termed ?good fluids?, as they have a tendency either to flush out good fluids, or thicken them too much. Fizzy drinks are usually full of chemicals or sugar, or both, and so have a negative effect on the body. Water is the most important fluid. It is a good idea to start the day by drinking a large cup of hot, warm or room temperature water (before having anything else) and then to drink up to 2 litres during the day. It will help everything in your body to flow, absorb and cleanse properly.

Children & Allergy Testing

Anna works a lot with children of all ages. Chest problems, (with asthma in particular), skin or bowel problems are common complaints amongst the children she treats, and usually within six weeks the symptoms have cleared up ? simply by adjusting the diet to suit the child.


Anna qualified as a Dietary Therapist in London in 1986, a training (by Barbara Wren and Dr. Lawrence Plaskett) based on understanding mineral, vitamin and other body balances, and the effect of different foods on the body.
She qualified with the British Institute of Allergy and Environmental Therapy in 2006. 

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