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What you eat and drink has a profound effect on you , and a small change in your diet can often make a big difference to your health and general well-being! Every person is unique, so there is not one diet that will suit everybody. Each person's body has its own particular strengths and weaknesses, and so your  diet needs to be adjusted to suit you. There is never a question of having to go without ? if one particular food is causing you a problem something else is always substituted to make sure you have a good balanced diet.
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Cutting the Ties that Bind is a very beautiful and profound method that helps you to free yourself from all outside controls and inner problems.  It puts you in touch with your own inner wisdom (your Higher Consciousness) which is always there to help and guide you.  It is this High C that we ask for all the information needed, and the healing.  This method also enables you to directly contact your sub-conscious, the seat of unresolved emotional issues.   The language of the sub-conscious is pictures and symbols, and we reach and heal these through visualization techniques.  This method enables you to cut any negative ties that bind you to anyone or anything that exerts control over you, bringing great freedom.  All that is positive in any relationship is left intact. 

Anna has worked with this method for over 30 years, and done many workshops with Phyllis Krystal, who started the method.  Anna has also recently completed the first training course in this method given by Phyllis (at the mighty age of 94!).  As you can imagine, Phyllis is a crystal clear example of her work!

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Reflexology is an ancient healing art, stimulating your body to heal itself through skilled massaging of your feet.  Your whole body is reflected in your feet, with particular energy points on each foot relating to specific parts of your body.

Reflexology is a natural and safe way to relax your body and help to keep it in balance.  It is therefore a good preventative against the build up of stress, the ultimate cause of most illnesses.

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