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Anna Skrine has been working with complementary therapies for many years.

She trained in Nutrition with Barbara Wren, who now runs the College of Nutrition in Devon, and the food scientist Dr. Lawrence Plaskett, and qualified as a Dietary Therapist in London in 1989. The training was based on understanding Mineral, Vitamin, Bowel flora and other balances in the body, and adjusting the diet to suit the individual. Anna has been working with nutrition ever since.
To assist with her nutritional work, Anna started a course with the British Institute of Allergy Therapists in 2003, qualifying in 2006.    She now combines her Allergy Testing and Nutrition as one therapy.

Anna has worked with Cutting the Ties that Bind for over 20 years.  Up to now there has not been a professional training on offer for this therapy, the method relying solely on workshops with Phyllis Krystal, who founded it, and ‘practice’.  Anna went to her first workshop with Phyllis Krystal in London in 1987, and has been to many since, particularly in Ireland.  She has also done a lot of ‘practice’ over the years, working both on her own unresolved issues as they emerge, and with clients. For the last few years she has also been leading group workshops in Cutting the Ties that Bind in Wexford (Ireland).

Anna also trained as a Reflexologist, qualifying in 1996.

Over the years Anna has helped to set up a number of Natural Health Centres, both in Wales and Ireland.
Anna returned with her family to live and work in County Wexford, Ireland in 1996.  She now works in Wexford, New Ross and Gorey, as well as from home.




Anna Scrine D.Th.D
Anna Scrine D.Th.D
Dip. A.E.T.

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